Fulton Hogan & EZ Street

Cold Asphalt Pothole Repair from EZ Street®

EZ Street Cold Asphalt has revolutionised the Australian road maintenance and road repair industry over recent years by offering performance benefits which significantly increase both output capabilities and performance expectations for road maintenance teams around the country. EZ Street is made throughout Australia - support Australian made!

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Whilst previously asphalt repair had proved difficult due to the inconvenience of hot asphalt and lack of performance of cold mix, EZ Street has empowered road workers across the country with a permanent pothole repair and road maintenance solution. Beneficiaries of this revolutionary asphalt are our council and road authority partners, whose roads have never been in better condition; road contractors, with the massive cost benefits of EZ Street; and the general public, who have far less potholes and traffic disruption to negotiate.

Fulton Hogan